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A great selection of timber!! | Tavistock Woodland Sawmill Ltd
A great selection of timber!!
Excellent service, a great help, thanks | Tavistock Woodland Sawmill Ltd
Excellent service, a great help, thanks
The variety of timber available is amazing | Tavistock Woodland Sawmill Ltd
The variety of timber available is amazing
Hardwood and Tanalised Softwood Timber supplied by Tavistock Woodland Sawmill

About Western Red Cedar

Western RedCedar (Thuja Plicata) is a soft red-brown timber with a tight , straight grain and few knots. It is valued for its distinct appearance, aroma and it's high natural resistance to decay, being extensively used for outdoor construction in the form of posts, decking ,roof shingles and siding. Mature trees producing Thujaplicin, a chemical substance, which serves as a natural fungicide, thereby preventing the wood from rotting meaning that pressure treating is not necessary and so the natural colour of the timber is not altered.

This effect can last for around a century even after the tree is felled. When freshly felled it is quite heavy from water content and easily machined, but after cutting it tends to dry quickly and becomes very light, yet remains very durable and strong. For the best, long lasting fixing of Western redcedar, either stainless steel screws or nails that have been hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 must be used or the fixings will stain, corrode and disintegrate due to the natural preservatives present in the timber. All home grown local timber (suitable for UK climate) from sustainable sources